Legal or Export Restrictions Applicable to Your Digital Design Products

At Gossfi, we offer digital design products such as templates, graphics, illustrations, photography and more. While we aim to provide these worldwide, they are subject to certain legal restrictions.

Our digital design products are sold under a single end-user license. Customers may not resell, distribute or claim copyright on any of our digital design products, modified or unmodified, without permission.

Our digital designs are protected by copyright laws. Customers may not reproduce, publicly display, or create derivative works from our digital design products without consent. Reverse engineering or modifying the file format of our digital designs is prohibited.

When you purchase a digital design product from us, you agree to use it only for your own personal or commercial projects, and not to resell or redistribute it in any way. We restrict orders from regions where local laws would conflict with these license terms.

If you have questions about how you can use, modify or repurpose a digital design product, please contact us before purchasing. We aim to comply with intellectual property protections globally as we distribute our digital design goods. Thank you for your cooperation with any licensing limitations required.

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